Glossary For Beginners – Part II

Welcome back, Shutterbugs! I apologize for the delay between Parts I and II. So let’s pick up from after where we left off last time, which was “Depth of Field.” Exposure – This… Continue reading

Glossary for Beginners: Part I

We all need to start somewhere, right? Here are some terms that will help you get to know photography a little better: Aperture – this is how wide your lens opens or doesn’t. The… Continue reading

Focus, People. Focus!

  Video courtesy of YouTube, Nikola Risteski Hi, fellow shutter-bugs, and happy Sunday to you all! I’m currently sitting in our “pool house” (which is basically a walled outdoor space with a roof, large… Continue reading

A Bit Of A Shift

Greetings, photo bugs! This photographer has been going through a long period of transition and I think that it might be time to take the focus (no pun intended) off of my images… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out

I went to lunch downtown with a friend of mine on Friday, and after we ate, we decided to meander up and down Center Street, which is like the main thoroughfare through the… Continue reading

July 2012 – Parks & Cemeteries

Because I can find beauty in all places…

Beach Weekend…

There just aren’t enough sanctioned beach days for coastal-type residents in my opinion… What say you?

New Bern, Part II

So these are the last of my New Bern trip…aka the Best Day Ever. Coming up next? Something interesting, I’m sure…

More Photos – Part II

June 2012…I posted a blog on Random Musings about my adventure in New Bern… I now submit, for your viewing pleasure (or not), some of the images I captured during that day… I… Continue reading

More Photos…June 2012 Pt. 1

June of 2012 was a great month for photos. I went hiking at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park and did a walking tour of New Bern, North Carolina. I’m going to share… Continue reading