Photos From the Family Shoot

So, I finally have had the time (between the day job, package pricing, and continuing ed classes) to get back in here to post some pictures from the family photo shoot last month.… Continue reading

Personal Life Versus Professional Life….

Wow. So here’s the deal: My 16 year old son decided, the night before he was scheduled to come home from a summer visit with his dad, that he didn’t want to come… Continue reading

The Grand Opening "Open House" *whew*

Yay! I got through the Open House. Y’all! I was SO stressed! But it was fun, and well worth it! We did a lot of last minute set up, and moved tables in,… Continue reading

Grand Opening!!!

Well, it looks like the day is finally coming when Wall 2 Wall Photography will officially open the doors to the studio!We will be having our open house on Saturday, August 23, 2008… Continue reading

The Misadventures of a Debit Card User

As most of you (all 2 or 3 of you out there that are actually reading these) know, I am a very small business. (Wall 2 Wall? Party of one?) Because of this,… Continue reading

Claudia’s Shoot

Wow, and *whew*! What a busy week it’s been! We did our first portrait session in the new building last week and it went so well! I had the good fortune to take… Continue reading

OMG! We Are SOOO Overbudget!!!

I am sitting here feeling sooooo stupid it isn’t even funny. I took last night off. Sue me. I was tired…I mean reallllly tired. I got off of work early, thinking that I’d… Continue reading

Am Posting This From Our Studio!

Ok, so here it is, almost eleven p.m. eastern standard time, and I am sitting in the studio; in my chair, at my desk, at my laptop, with my stereo cranking some classic… Continue reading

Almost Done!

OMG…I had NO earthly idea how much work it would take to put this thing together ourselves. I do know that if I had it all to do over again and had the… Continue reading

So…We’re Almost Done…

So, okay…Wow…We are almost done with the constuction of the studio. We have lights (who knew how rewarding just flipping a switch would be?) and the porch light works,too! I am really excited,… Continue reading