Be Careful, VERY Careful, What You Wish For – You Just Might Get It. :)

Well, well, well… After all these months of grousing that I simply didn’t have enough to do pertaining to Wall 2 Wall Photography, suddenly, BANG! It must be busy season. 🙂 We did… Continue reading

Missing Child – Goldsboro/Wayne County, NC

Folks, this isn’t for me, but I wanted any and all of you that might be following this blog to please read below. A friend of my son, Matt, is missing and needs… Continue reading

Easter Pictures and New Pricing….

Well…here I am…on my first vacation in almost two years and I’m sitting in front of my computer. Ok, you know I can’t stay away from it for long, LOL… On the front… Continue reading

Artisans and Craftspeople Wanted

Hey, Y’all!This blog isn’t about me. (Yes, I know…hard to believe, right?) It’s actually about a small-town festival in need of vendors. Lucama (North Carolina, for those of you who aren’t local to… Continue reading

Ok, So Now I’m Not Slack – Just Busy!!!

Hi, All!I may have been slack last month, but this month I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger in a paper factory…. Now that the Joint Commission has been and gone,… Continue reading

Yes, I’m Slack, Okay?

Yeah, I know…It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything out here. I’ve been busy, busy, busy…THE FACE…First it was my face, which had a cyst (quite a large one, I might… Continue reading

I LOVE Taking Portraits!

Wow! It’s been a really busy week! I booked to portrait sessions at our fundraiser a couple weeks ago and I got to shoot both within the last week! I did the Konigs… Continue reading

Fundraising and Picture Taking…

So, wow! It’s still November, I’m still busier than a one armed paper hanger, the DDJ is still making me crazy, but I remain (much to my surprise) upright and breathing! All I… Continue reading

Now it’s November & my hands are full!!!

Good grief! What a busy month it has been!A very good friend of mine had major surgery last week. He had cancer (“had” being the operative word, as the docs think they got… Continue reading

The Busy Season!

Oh, boy! Who knew October would be so busy? I sure didn’t. The day job is keeping me hopping, I’m looking into selling Pampered Chef, and it’s Holiday portrait season. 🙂 I also… Continue reading