LP & Pam – An Amazing Wedding

I was so excited when I found out my painter-friend, Pam (and I don’t mean house painting) was getting married. I asked her if she had a photographer, and she told me no, and I was SO excited, because I know Pam, and I knew she wasn’t going for the whole church, white dress-thing, and I wanted to gift her the wedding pictures. She told me the wedding would be lakeside, in the trees at Lake Wheeler in Raleigh, and I was SO excited. And the forecast called for rain…and it DID rain. And then it stopped. And then we were all under the trees and it rained again, but we barely got wet, thanks to the shelter of the trees. This was an amazing ceremony.

Now, I cry at many of the weddings that I shoot, but this one was really tough, because I adore the bride, and her emotions were more than a little contagious. I was happy a) that she and LP were married, b) the children were part of it, and c) I didn’t fall, slide, slip down the wet leaves on the hillside. (All I could think was that I was going to totally hose the part of the ceremony where the vows were concerned, because I was going to tumble down the hill, but I didn’t!)

So here they are…LP & Pam: