Catching up….

Yes, I know…it’s been a while.

I’m sorry. I have gotten slack and I really didn’t mean to.  The day job gets in the way more often than not, but it pays the bills, so what can I do, right?

I had the privilege of shooting Nannette’s engagement and bridal images, and was fortunate enough to be invited to also shoot the big day last month. Nannette’s cousin-in-law was doing the main shoot, but she allowed me to come in so that I could get some more wedding images for my portfolio.  I am so thankful that not only did I get to attend the ceremony, I was able to capture some of the images that nobody else was able to get.

Beth IvyThe day after the wedding, I went out with camera in hand to a fundraiser for my favorite bluegrass fiddler, Samantha Casey, who has had some medical issues.  I was able to capture some really neat people during this event, and was happy to create a 4×6 memory box for Samantha and her family after all the photos came in.

Beth Ivy was there, as were several bluegrass groups.

The crowd at Rosewood High School was amazing, and the people were so darned nice.  Samantha’s father, Daniel, said that I could go wherever I needed to go to capture the images for Samantha’s memory box, and I did not hesitate to take him up on that.

Halloween has come and gone, but not without the fun times at Berkeley Mall.

The kids started trickling in slowly, but the crowd grew rapidly and I believe the event was a raving success!  (Pictures below.)






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