Antique Cameras, Family Heirlooms, My Old Best Friend, and a Killer Giveaway…

Last week I found a box on the front porch of my studio that I had been expecting. I was super-excited, because I knew it was from my father, and that he had packed this box chock full of photographic history from his side of the family.

I haven’t had a chance to properly photograph them all, but will be working on that this evening and will post the images as I complete them.

One of the first things I pulled out of the box was an old Yashika Lynx 5000 rangefinder camera that I had used my last couple of years in high school (learning to shoot black and white film was a BLAST-this camera was my best friend), and my first several years as a young adult transplanted to the plains of West Texas (Lubbock and Shallowater, to be exact).  It was like finding an old friend after many years. I’m still unsure of how this camera fell into my father’s hands but that he sent it back to me was amazing!

A partial list of cameras in this box is as follows:

  • An Argus C4 f/2.8 camera
  • Two Argus C3’s; one of which was my grandfather’s “good” camera
  • A Kodak Brownie Hawkeye flash camera
  • An AGFA box camera (that used 620 film)
  • An EXTREMELY small Mycro camera in an equally tiny case
  • 3 light meters, two of which work like the day they were purchased
  • A Revere 8mm “Magazine” movie camera

And various other goodies which I will record and post here at a later time, although here are just a few….

It was like taking pieces of family history out of this box and an unbelievable wave of homesickness for my family washed over me like I hadn’t experienced in many years.

On that note, I will close for now, however, I do want to remind you that Soulographer, Blog for Photographers is still running their contest for the LOKTAH packaging giveaway, so do check them out at .

Until Next Time…