So, it’s a few days before Christmas…

And I want to share with all of you some location images that I was able to capture right before the sky opened up, and I went down hard with last week’s nasty little bug that kept me confined to the house.

This is the Chudy family.  They are an absolutely wonderfully photogenic family, and we had an absolute blast doing their Christmas portraits in front of their historic home downtown. 🙂  Thank you, Casey, for sharing a bit of your family with us!

I also wanted to take just a moment to mention the terrific sale and giveaway at Soulographer.  Skye’s got a workbook and posing guide on sale that you absolutely MUST NOT miss out on if you are even a little bit interested in children’s portrait photography!  I picked them both up last week and cannot say enough nice things about these tools for photographers!  Even a seasoned pro will take away a little something that is well worth the cost of admission. 🙂  Thanks, Skye!
I hope that all of my readers, clients, friends, and family have a warm, blessed Christmas, and prosperous 2011!
Blessings to all of you!
Until Next Time….