On New Experiences and Other Personal Things…

Greetings, and Happy Holidays to all!  We just had our belated Thanksgiving feast just a few days ago, due to my eldest son not arriving home until the Monday AFTER Thanksgiving, but were still able to pull off the roast bird and all the fixin’s, enjoyed by all three of my sons for the first time in many years!  I was a happy Mom (and Nona!).

My middle son, Matthew, has just announced his engagement to his beautiful girlfriend, Ashlee, and her baby girl, Lilly, so there has been much activity in our busy (and growing) family!

Last month I was touching base with a photographer friend of mine who was very nervous about shooting her first ever wedding, and she asked me if I wanted to come and help her.  I thought she was joking, initially, but she was dead serious.

Now, those of you who know me, also know that I have avoided shooting weddings like the plague, given some of the horror stories I have heard about bridezillas and the like.  Well, long story short, I sucked it up and told my friend that I was honored that she thought enough of my skills to want *me* to help her shoot the most important day in a young woman’s life.  No pressure, right?  (See? There’s part of it, right there…You do NOT get a do-over during someone’s ceremony, so you had best believe you need to be very familiar with your camera and its settings before you even THINK about shooting someone’s wedding!)

At any rate, we did the shoot, it was SO much fun!  Had I known doing weddings would be as fun as it was, I would have started doing them many moons ago! 🙂

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So that’s it for right now…Until next time….