Busy Week, Busy Times


Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I’ve been so busy!

We just picked up a community service project with the Civil Air Patrol, and will be shooting them on Tuesday evening. 🙂

Last Tuesday was the Chamber’s “Prime Time” trade show for new members, and I think we really had a nice set-up.  I took a picture with my phone, so it’s not great, but we had such a great time!  We met some really nice people, made some wonderful contacts, and even scored some outstanding hot sauce! 😉  Go check out Mile High Hot Sauce! This stuff is great!  The peppers are grown right here in Wayne County!   We were also feeling a little lucky, so we purchased a couple of 50-50 drawing tickets and won!  Can’t ever turn one’s nose up at cash, right?

On Thursday, I met with the girls from Curtis Media East/Crazy Wayno and purchased three rotating banner ads. 🙂  Yup, it cost about my entire marketing budget, but when they are getting the hits that they are, what could I say?  Check them out at CrazyWayno.

I also knocked out both my sales tax report (and *sigh* subsequent check writing), renewed my North Carolina Privilege License, AND joined the Professional Photographers of North Carolina, so it’s been busy.

Further, I have accepted a job working as the host photographer for the Junior Miss program in Goldsboro/Wayne County, so I really need to get my creative head together and get the ad together so that I can send it to Casey.

Has it been busy this week? You betcha!  Would I trade it for anything?  NO WAY!!!!

Until Next Time….