Yes, I’m Guilty of Blog Neglect!

There really isn’t too much that I can say about this, except that I have been extremely busy over the past month!  And for a small business owner, busy is GOOD!

During the first weekend of April I had a senior and family session, which, as always, was a tremendous amount of fun, both for the family and for me! (This is why I love doing portraits; it allows all of us, no matter which side of the lens we’re on, to have a good time and just relax!)  I didn’t shoot the following weekend, so I finished planting the flower garden in front of the studio, which is now filled with lilies, roses, phlox, and gardenia (had put in the flower bed just prior to Easter, so had to finish filling it up).

During the following week, I photo-journaled for Down Home Magazine’s upcoming issue,  updated brochures, set appointments and ensured I had functional replacement equipment ready for the Relay for Life fundraiser portrait event on the 17th, 18th, and 21st of the month.  We spent the bulk of that weekend in the Wayne Memorial Hospital auditorium “shooting for a cure,” if you will.  I met some of THE nicest people that weekend, and was just tickled that all the sessions came out the way we had hoped that they would!

Of course, there is all the post processing after the fact, had dinner with a client (who is also a good friend and business woman, herself) to deliver their family/senior portraits. That’s one of those other perks to my particular business; I am able to network and make friends along the way, which is air to a people-person!

On the Wednesday after the weekend shoot, I had one appointment for the evening session, and since she just lives around the corner from our studio, we did the session here, AND finished in enough time to start the next project, which is the 9th Wonder Entertainment Abroad 2010 Fashion Extravaganza.

Johnny and I headed over to their rehearsal to become familiar with the routine of the show, meet some of the models, and the designer, Bridgette Morgan.  (Her website can be found here.)  I had been asked to photograph some of Bridgette’s designs in-studio, but given scheduling conflicts on both ends, she asked me if I would mind photographing the fashion show on May 1st.  Being completely up for a new experience, I agreed, and that is how we found ourselves at the rehearsal last week.  I’ve posted a couple of those images in this blog.

Because Bridgette, like myself and several of my friends, is a small business owner, I asked her if I could help promote this event.  I feel that small business people are a special breed and a type of family, and I will do whatever I can to help another business owner promote their business.  You can find the link to information on the show, which is going to be held at the Paramount Theater in Goldsboro, here.  If you are in the neighborhood, and can make it, please do!  I am still so very impressed with the talent that you will see on the stage, I can’t say enough about it!

Needless to say, April has been a wild, but fun, ride!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this blog or any of the events listed herein, please feel free to drop me a note at or simply leave me a comment here, on the blog.

Until Next Time……