Busy Week & I Published an Article!

Last weekend I had a Senior portrait session, as well as an even to shoot.  The night before both, I had an idea for an article, so I submitted it to EzineArticles.com, and found out yesterday that it was published. 🙂 This is always a good thing!

Friday evening I was trying out the new camera body with my son and the green screen.  I plugged the CF card into the card reader, and the photo-uploader did its thing, EXCEPT that it didn’t convert any of the raw images to digital negatives.  THIS was a problem.  I was twelve hours away from the Senior shoot, and could NOT for the life of me figure out why the RAW images weren’t converting to DNG!

Fortunately, I didn’t panic, AND I remembered that I’d seen something in a review on the camera body I ended up buying that mentioned firmware and RAW images.  So I found the review, realized what step I had omitted, and made the appropriate adjustments, and lo and behold, there they were; my DNG’s! It’s good not to panic!

After updating the camera’s firmware, I sat down and typed up an article on what to wear to a portrait session.  The article can be found here.  I was excited to find out, Monday evening, that not only had it been published, but I had been given “Expert” status. 🙂

The following morning, we got up, got the studio ready for the day’s shoot.

My client (and friend), Angela, had come all the way from Fayetteville (a little over an hour’s drive) to have her son’s Senior pictures done.  (You’ll see his pictures peppered throughout this post.)  This is a kid that has it all together, and I simply cannot say enough nice things about him!

After Angela and Michael left, I did a quick change from studio comfy clothes to business casual so that we could go off to shoot a surprise 80th birthday party. My youngest son, Tim, and I had a great time shooting candids for a few hours. 🙂  Event photography is as fun as studio portraiture! 🙂

We have several new projects in the works, and will keep you posted, as they develop, if you will. 🙂 (No pun intended.)

Until Next Time….