GRRRRRR…. Anyone Else Had One of THOSE Days?


Ok, I’m just sayin’…….

My green screen backdrop got here yesterday afternoon, and because of the butterflies (, I didn’t get out here to hang it up and ops-check it.

So tonight I try and lower the backdrop stand and the whole freaking thing blows up on me! On the right side, the rod that holds the crossbar up broke, and the entire crossbar dropped across my temple, backdrop and all. Ok…that wasn’t bad enough, but I could DEAL with a quick fix for that.

My step-daughter, Peri, was trying to lower the left-hand side and whatever held the entire left side up shattered. She brought me about a gazillion pieces of backdrop stand in her hand.

UGGGGG! So I have this new backdrop, no stand to hang the new backdrop on to practice on this whole green screen-thing, and have this BOGO add out all over the Internet based on the next two weeks practice time.

I must be Murphy’s daughter….anything that can go wrong usually will.