Almost Done!

OMG…I had NO earthly idea how much work it would take to put this thing together ourselves.

I do know that if I had it all to do over again and had the ca$h on hand, I would hire someone to install the floor. We started around eleven a.m. on Saturday and by eleven-thirty I told Johnny we’d be divorced by 4:00, LOL. It was close, that’s for sure! LOL…Glad that’s over.

Peri and I assembled the furniture, and put the lamps out. We put the rest of the “office” area together as soon as we got the baseboards installed. We even put in a mini-fridge for her Hawiian punch and my bottled water.

I got home from work this afternoon and painted trim prior to its installation, went in, painted the door trim (front side), and when Johnny came home, he installed more baseboard, I put the putty into the little nail holes, and Perio came behind me with a little paint brush cleaning up the nail holes.

Johnny put in some more baseboard, I filled, Peri painted, and by 9:30 tonite, I was able to move the backdrop stand, backdrop, lights, etc. into the studio. We’re all about stoked. We have our first shoot during the first weekend in August. I will keep you posted and put up some images from that shoot.
In the meantime, here are a few pix of the studio as it sits now. I’m pretty excited if I haven’t already mentioned that. 🙂