Drywall, Mud, and Cockroaches, ha ha…

Wow…I think that I have come to the conclusion that I would make a TERRIBLE contractor. 🙂 I don’t have pictures to share with you this time, but I do have some stuff to share.

After being sick a couple weekends ago, it put us a couple of days behind. Fortunately, my friend Kevin (who is married to my friend, Cindy) is an all-around talented contractor-type. Cindy & I work together at the hospital, and Kevin works in the same department as my husband, Johnny. Prior to getting the drywall, Kevin had said he would be more than happy to come over and help with getting all of that up. We didn’t think we’d need help, but then, I hadn’t gotten sick. On Tuesday one of our plumbers at the hospital volunteered to come and help us with the drywall, and I told him it wouldn’t be right to abuse him before we abused Kevin. So long story short, Kevin came over last Tuesday night and worked with Johnny and me to get the remaining drywall up. Betweeen Johnny and Kevin, they were slapping drywall up faster than I could get it screwed to the studs. It took us all of about two hours to knock it out.

So over the next several days we put a lot of mud in the joints and corners. Ok, so it’s Monday night and we’re not completely done, but we are close. I have done more sanding over the last 5 days than should be humanly possible. When I cough, I am sure that white, dusty clouds come out of my mouth, ha ha…

So the other night I found this dead cockroach in the plastic sheeting we’d had over the drywall. I thought that was funny. (Yes, I know…I was either overly-tired, have a warped sense of humor, or both.) Anyway, it struck me as funny that the one creature that is supposed to be able to survive a nuclear war could not survive a night in plastic sheeting. (I wonder if Terminex could use that knowledge?)

I have also learned that those women on the home improvement shows (you know, the she-contractors with the acrylic French manicured nails?) must not really do all that much. I started this project with just about a perfect “ten” (my own, not acryilic, thank goodness), and I’m down to a perfect “two.” Now, I’ve had acrylic nails before, and I’ve broken one or two in my time, and THAT hurts…So I know that a) I won’t ever be a she-contractor on a home improvement show, and b) it’s probably wise to trim those nails down to less than 1/4″ in length before starting any home improvement project that requires the use of one’s hands, and c) do not have acrylics on your fingertips, huh?

Anyway, I’ve got to take my youngest son to Raleigh tomorrow night so that I can have him at the airport at oh-dark-thirty on Wednesday morning to fly out to his dad’s so I’m going to lose a night. So I’m a little frustrated. I had hoped to have the first coat of paint on the walls before I left for Raleigh, but I’m just not really seeing that happen. 😦

Ok, so I guess that’s it for now. 🙂